.Parent Education Information at Kindergarten Stage

.Helping your Children Understand National Security through Enhanced Home-School Co-operation

The Education Bureau (EDB) encourages parents to learn more about the National Security Law and help their children gain an understanding of the legislative background, message, importance and significance of the National Security Law, and develop positive values. The EDB has prepared a leaflet to help parents understand their roles in supporting the schools’ work on national security education.

Parents can visit below website for reference the above-mentioned leaflet:


.Cartoon Animation on Salt and Sugar Reduction

The Food and Health Bureau, the Committee on Reduction of Salt and Sugar in Food (CRSS) and the Centre for Food Safety have developed a “Cartoon Animation on Salt and Sugar Reduction”, to educate small children not to take too much sweet and salty food in a lively and interesting manner. Please click the following link of the cartoon animation with the music from the song adapted from “Are you sleeping”.

Link to the cartoon animation:


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