Targets of support services for non-Chinese speaking children

1.  Support non-Chinese speaking children to learn Chinese in the kindergarten
2.  Caring for the growth needs of non-Chinese speaking children from toddlers  
to young children
3.  Promote the personal and group development of children
4.  Build up an inclusive campus to help non-Chinese speaking children  
integrate into campus life

Service Plan Content

1.  Learning support
    •  Individual learning support
       The partner organization will provide learning support for individual child,
enhance non-Chinese speaking children’s interest in Chinese and consolidate Chinese learning in a relaxing and enjoyable way. Develop short, medium and extended plans tailored to the children’s personal abilities. It will also provide assistance and support to non-Chinese speaking children during the class. Hope that they can participate more in class activities with confidence.

 2. Group study support
       Through peer interaction,games,situational,role-playing,etc.,non-Chinese
speaking children will be more interested in learning Chinese. The structure of Chinese characters will be studied to continue language learning. We also promote inclusive learning, to meet the growth needs of non-Chinese speaking children, and to build friendships with the Chinese-speaking classmate together to promote the motivation of learning Chinese.

3. Inclusive activities

•  Parent group
•  Parent Workshop
•  Featured inclusive activities
  Connecting non-Chinese and Chinese-speaking families through campus
inclusive activities. Let everyone know each other’s cultural characteristics and deepen mutual understanding.

Kindergarten No 5, 2/F, Yat Tung Shopping Centre, Tung Chung, New Territories

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